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    Video contest winners

    Not very fair but you’re the boss and can choose as you wish. I checked during the time of the contest and I even took screenshots. I was one of the top 3 by the end of the contest. But since you waited 2 months after it was stated, I guess you can decide your preference. :-( oh well 😔
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    Timing - when to tell someone new in your life that you wear a topper?

    @Hoodmom show us pictures :-) And feel free to ask questions. I had lots and needed to adjust when I first got mine.
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    Video contest winners

    Hi Wendy, when was this posted? I don’t find it on the Facebook page. I can find it by date.
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    Video contest winners

    Can someone please respond and inform us what happened?
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    Surprising Facts about Hair Loss

    Thank you for sharing this information.
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    Video contest winners

    Hi UniWigs, another week has gone by and still no announcement. It seems like you want us to forget the contest ever happened. This would be very unfortunate and very unfair. We spend our time and put our care into making the review videos for UniWigs. I have shared my videos and...
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    Video contest winners

    Hello UniWigs Admin. Is this page still active?
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    How much do you spent on toppers this Black Friday?

    I bought another topper last Friday. It says 2-3 days but I’m still waiting. They will likely arrive separately. Let’s see when we get them :)
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    Anybody want to resale a wig or topper here?

    What color and what length is it? What color and what length is it?
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    Hi Karie, have you ever tried a topper? There are different caps that are very light and various...

    Hi Karie, have you ever tried a topper? There are different caps that are very light and various sizes.
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    Video contest winners

    Which Monday? Will it be November 26? Or perhaps December 3rd? I know there are promos ongoing.
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    Weird + wiggy (wig- virgin)

    Welcome Sarah. There are a lot of nice gals here that answer questions and share their tips.
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    Video contest winners

    Oh, great. Thanks for responding. This is my video entry :). There’s not too much on curly toppers so I did the Charliegh Curly.
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    Video contest winners

    Hello, I don’t mean the contest for the ‘Emily’. I saw those winners posted several weeks ago. I am referring to the video review contest to win 2 toppers. Hear is the picture that was on the website and on Facebook. I made a video review that got a lot views so I wanted to know if I was...
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    Video contest winners

    Hello, I am trying to find out about the winners of the video review contest. Where can I see who the winners were? I just don’t know where to look. Thank you.