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    Pick me!

    I just posted it on the review board and website - I really do LOVE it!
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    Hello, Emily!

    Hi, My name is Jenny and I won one of the Emily toppers in the giveaway. I received the 16” in color G4 and I could tell right out of the box, I was going to love it. It’s a beautiful, high quality piece. The 5” x 6” base provides the right amount of coverage for my hair loss and I love that you...
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    Pick me!

    I just picked it up from Fed ex yesterday and will take photos and review tonight. Can’t wait!!
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    Need some oomph!

    Me too! Love the June Penny videos, she makes it look so easy.
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    I'm just a crazy lady!

    You look great! Have you tried the Molly trackless piece? Since you are only thin on top it might work great for you. I just ordered mine and am excited to try it!
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    Hi, I’m Jenny

    Hi everyone, I’m 42 and been losing hair for a long time. My hair is so thin it won’t cover up my extensions anymore so time to go to the next step! I’m really hoping this group helps me get the courage to wear my toppers in public. So far I have purchased the Claire, Bella, and just ordered the...
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    Pick me!

    My hair has gotten so thin on top and I have tried literally everything. I currently use hair extensions and hair fibers for volume, but dont think I can do so for much longer. My self esteem has plummeted and I am so eager to start a new chapter. I have purchased a few toppers, but not found...