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    Feeling Lucky 🍀 Despite my Hair Loss

    The stress of hair loss can sometimes be soo consuming in one’s life, that you often forget all the things you have to be grateful for and “lucky” about in your own life. Taking a minute tonight on St Patrick’s day to remind myself of how “lucky” I am to have a healthy and supportive family to...
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    Scalp Biopsy for Diagnosis of Hair Loss

    How accurate do you believe your scalp biopsy was in diagnosing your reason for hairloss? Has anyone been told that the results are not always accurate?
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    Hair Topper 101 - How to Change the Hair Part

    Great video!
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    What was the reason you became interested in hair toppers?

    Hello! My hairloss has recently started and after hours of research on the internet, I have decided to be proactive and look for a hair topper immediately. Also, participating in numerous discussions on FB pages and IG, and reading how much money women spent on vitamins, medicines, Rogaine...
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    How to choose the Right Hair Topper for Newbies

    Thank you for this video! So informative!
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    Let’s talk about Vitamins

    Currently taking a daily women’s multivitamin , in addition to a “Hair, Nails and skin” combo vitamin, as well as an extra iron pill. What’s your regimen to help slow the hair loss process??
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    Healthy BioHair suggestions

    Hi TP honey bee, Honey makes a great natural conditioner for your hair. Lots of recipes can be found on Pinterest. Most recipes call for mixing it with olive or coconut oil, lathering it on for about 30 minutes and then risnsing well. Good luck!
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    Helper Hair...Don’t Care!

    That’s great! I know that there are many ways to secure your hair topper...including adding clips, combs, glue or wig tape. So nice that you are moving on thru life and not focused on hair loss...products from Uniwigs help give women our confidence back to do the things we enjoy, without...
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    Hair Loss versus Hair Breakage. 🤔

    Causes of hair breakage include over stretching the hair in a tight headband, styling on wet drenched hair, a diet low in protein, zinc, iron, and /or vitamin B12 deficiency, use of sulfate shampoos, heat styling your hair, hair that has been colored, Or a protein imbalance. With hair loss...
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    Telogen Effluvium

    Just wondering if any of you diagnosed with TE have actually witnessed any hair growth after the triggering stressful event? If so, how long before your hair grew back to normal?
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    Healthy BioHair suggestions

    Have either of you tried castor oil to massage the scalp in efforts to promote hair growth? If so, have you witnessed any results?
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    Top ten reasons to buy a hair topper sooner than later?

    Thank you for your reply and for honesty. I think many women feel so self conscience and believe that “people would know” they are wearing a hair topper so they suffer silently for way too long.
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    Helper Hair...Don’t Care!

    Thank you DLC for your reply! Great point about being able to experiment with hairstyles that might not have been achieved with your bio Hair! Toppers are a great alternative to getting a fresh new look instantly.
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    Forum Moderator Invitation from

    Thank you!
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    Do you know scalp care?

    Hello! I have read a lot and spoken to some people who have recommended gentle scalp massages at least three times per week. For the past 8 weeks, I have been using castor oil to aide with this. So far, no real change noted. :(