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    Cutting wigs??

    Do you recommend taking a wig to be styled at a salon? And how easy would it be to add bangs to wigs with middle parts? Is it even possible to readjust in that way? Would it just take the application of heat tools? And if so, will that potentially melt the lace? What temperature might you ladies...
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    I’m Victoria

    Hi everyone! My name is Victoria and I fell into the Uniwigs community fairly recently. I had been invited to be in a wedding but the bride demanded that I straighten my long curls that I spent years repairing. I left the wedding party but thought more about how I would like to change my...
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    Dying Wigs

    Has anyone had any luck with specific products geared toward dying synthetic locks, or would you say that it’s only for human hair? I know I’ve heard of people online buying wigs for this purpose, but I’ve never seen the outcome. Does anyone have any photos if they’ve done it? Thanks!