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    Video contest winners

    Hello UniWigs Admin. Is this page still active?
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    How much do you spent on toppers this Black Friday?

    I bought another topper last Friday. It says 2-3 days but I’m still waiting. They will likely arrive separately. Let’s see when we get them :)
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    Anybody want to resale a wig or topper here?

    What color and what length is it? What color and what length is it?
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    Hi Karie, have you ever tried a topper? There are different caps that are very light and various...

    Hi Karie, have you ever tried a topper? There are different caps that are very light and various sizes.
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    Video contest winners

    Which Monday? Will it be November 26? Or perhaps December 3rd? I know there are promos ongoing.
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    Weird + wiggy (wig- virgin)

    Welcome Sarah. There are a lot of nice gals here that answer questions and share their tips.
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    Video contest winners

    Oh, great. Thanks for responding. This is my video entry :). There’s not too much on curly toppers so I did the Charliegh Curly.
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    Video contest winners

    Hello, I don’t mean the contest for the ‘Emily’. I saw those winners posted several weeks ago. I am referring to the video review contest to win 2 toppers. Hear is the picture that was on the website and on Facebook. I made a video review that got a lot views so I wanted to know if I was...
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    Video contest winners

    Hello, I am trying to find out about the winners of the video review contest. Where can I see who the winners were? I just don’t know where to look. Thank you.
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    Measure length on bio hair to match curly hair topper

    Hi Rhayes, you definitely want to order a few inches longer. You may want a 16 inch. Mine is 18” but comes up with the curl. Take a look to get an idea. And call UniWigs asap to make an adjustment to your order. I ordered my actual length and they were great with changing mine to a longer...
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    Do you restyle your toppers at home or in a salon?

    I style my topper at home myself.
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    New here

    I can relate to the that feeling. I started with a piece and while my family said it looked natural and unnoticeable I kept arguing. I felt that everyone was looking and everyone knew. Turns out, it was natural looking. People would say “your hair is looking healthier and fuller.” Or, “your hair...
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    How to get wavy hair toppers?

    I recently got the Charliegh curly. Here’s a brief look when I first tried it.
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    How much a hair topper cost?

    From what I have searched it can be anywhere from $150 to $700. UniWigs seems to be one of the best pricing. *I’ve only looked into human hair.
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    Hair loss

    Hi Rochelle, I totally understand. It may not seem like it to most people but it’s a BIG deal. I ordered a topper that needed to be custom made which takes longer. I was wearing a baseball cap and got so desperate I went out, bought a wig similar to my hair and made my own topper until my...
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    Try-on topper giveaway

    It’s through this board. To make it easier for you here’s the link:
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    Try-on topper giveaway

    And the 16” would be perfect.
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    Try for Free/Giveaway - me please

    zjtab: I had thyroid cancer so I understand what you’re dealing with. If you have any questions about expectations, options, or anything feel free to reach out. I’d be more than happy to share.
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    Try-on topper giveaway

    Yes, this is great coverage.
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    Try-on topper giveaway

    Yes, the color is perfect and my length is about 14 inches. I am registered with the online store already. Thank you.