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    Timing - when to tell someone new in your life that you wear a topper?

    Your question is more difficult than mine, as you said, having no hair definitely affects our self-esteem, but we really don't need to care it a lot. More than 40% or more women have hair loss problem in the world, we are not alone. If no hair let you don't get many dates, then wigs and...
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    Should I tell my friends that I wear a wig?

    Yes dear, having no hair definitely affects your self-esteem but you are not alone, we should not let it effect us a lot.
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    I am so happy that it helps. :)
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    Pick me!

    Where is the review about Emily? Does it perfect for you?
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    Weird + wiggy (wig- virgin)

    Welcome dear! This is Amy, 45 years old, wearing wigs for more than 7 years but new to topper.
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    Should I tell my friends that I wear a wig?

    I guess you must be a brave girl, you are right, wearing wigs should not be a shame, hope more and more people will know this(y)
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    Should I tell my friends that I wear a wig?

    You are right dear, for me, there is no necessary to tell people around about the wigs if they don't ask for, thanks for your advice:)
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    I'm just going to give you all a minute to take in how completely & utterly ratchet this wig has become... Let's give life to what was once lifeless! First a list of what you'll need: conditioner, oil, anti-frizz creme, mousse or gel, spray bottle, wig pins, styrofoam mannequin head. To...
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    Should I tell my friends that I wear a wig?

    20 years dealing with hair loss, 7 years wearing wigs... Deciding whether or not to tell friends about your desire to wear wigs can be a hard mountain to climb. Personally, I love wearing wigs and having such an easy way to add some diversity to my look, while for a friend of mine with alopecia...
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    Please help my husband

    I really don't know how to help him get the confidence back, the hair loss problem is getting worse year by year, it's not for genetics, does toupee is the only way to help him? Usually it will take a lot to make a hairstyle with a toupee, does there any way to get a new hairstyle at home by...
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    Not only for me

    Hi everyone, so glad to be here, I am here not only for me, but also for my husband. I only have hair loss problem after gave birth to my daughter and now everything is getting better, but my husband suffer from hair loss on the top for already 7 years and it's getting worse, but he don't want...