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    Extending topper life...

    Already added 200 points to your UniWigs account, please know.
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    Cutting wigs??

    Already added 400 points to your UniWigs account dear, please know that.
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    I need recommendations

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    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to join us dear!
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    Topper Versatility

    Thanks for your love and good advice dear! We will take it into consideration. UniWigs will try our best to offer more popular colors in high quality and affordable price.
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    Ask Your Questions to Win UniWigs Loyalty Points

    Happy New Year! Thank you for joining in UniWigs Forum! We are here to share, express and help, so we are organizing this Special Event to hear more from you. Here are the rules to participate: 1. You can set up 3 separate posts at most to ask relevant questions. One post can win 200 UniWigs...
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    Join UniWigs Forum to Win Loyalty Points!

    “Join UniWigs Forum to Win Loyalty Points! ” is end, please be known. And how much do you win in this Lucky Draw? Hope it can help you save more in our New Year Sale 2019. Best,
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    Thank you

    Welcome dear! We all love June and we are so glad that we can help. Enjoy our community.
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    Welcome dear! Here you can share, express and help each other and will not be found out if you don't want. Also thanks for your love with our Bella topper, UniWigs will try out best to offer the best hair toppers that perfect for everyone. Enjoy our community!
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    Join UniWigs Forum to Win Loyalty Points!

    Happy new year to every one! Hope you are enjoying an amazing vocation, and here we want to offer the first time Lucky Draw to help you get ready for the coming New Year Sale 2019. You will save more if you join our forum, 100% win rate! The awards are: 500, 800, 1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000...
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    Video contest winners

    We are so sorry for the long time waiting dear, we will verify it right now, will reply to you in 24 hours.
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    Hair loss or not, you will need a wig

    Hair loss or not, you will need a wig! It's true, not only because we are a wig online shop. As an online wig store for more than 6 years, we have heard so many hair loss stories and seen wig fashion changes. Wig is not only can give you a beautiful hairstyle and chic look, but also even can...
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    Surprising Facts about Hair Loss

    You may had heard of hair loss but you might don't know some facts about hair loss that really surprises you. Hair loss can happen on women, men and also on children. It can be permanent or temporary. It can fall out strand by strand and it can thin little by little over several years' time...
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    What Can UniWigs Do for Hair Loss Men?

    As more and more hair loss women get help from, we feel so proud that we can help get their confidence back and enjoy a more beautiful life. Recently, more and more women want a toupee for their husband or father, so we are wondering what can we do for hair loss men? We got few...
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    How often should I wash my wig

    Different people have different ideas about what it means to have a dirty unit. Should I wash my wig as often as wash my bio hair? How frequently you should shampoo your wig? We know that there are two different wigs: human hair wig and synthetic wig. We need to define their difference before...
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    Video contest winners

    Yes, dear, the winner will publish on our Facebook page( ) this Monday, so sorry for the long time waiting.
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    Anybody want to resale a wig or topper here?

    So, do you want to resale?
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    Anybody want to resale a wig or topper here?

    Not really dear, if the topper can be used again, you should negotiate with the buyer about everything, As long as you two agree, a deal can be reached. This board is only offered for you guys who want to resale or save your money on daily wear wigs and toppers.
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    Emily Review

    Will you share more pictures dear?
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    Emily Review

    Finally! We are so glad that you love it! Already offered 1000 points to your account in our website, you can save your money with them. BTW, can you share more pictures with us? maybe no watermark, we want to share your beauty with more UniWigs customers!