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  1. tonigirl62

    How to care for your hair.....human and / or synthetic

    Hi Fellow Hair wearers!! Just a few pointers on caring for your helper hair: First and foremost, when washing or conditioning your hair, never, ever use HOT water. Always use cool water (even on your bio hair) Hot water will strip the oils cause breakage, frizz and damage. Use...
  2. tonigirl62

    Which is your favorite unit, so far? Mine is CLAIRE

    Hi Friends, So far, my favorite TOPPER is the CLAIRE! :) I am in love with her: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE UNIT, so far. Please share - because I am always looking for new looks Here is my show and tell for the colors - G4 and 6-8
  3. tonigirl62


    I have truly learned to love "Helper Hair" . Remember that Hair Toppers that allow some of your bio hair to show just need to be in the same color family. Your bio hair can be viewed as a High Light or Low Light. Now, if you are wearing wigs............the Sky is the Limit........have...
  4. tonigirl62

    What was the reason you became interested in hair toppers?

    So, growing up I colored and permed my hair constantly. Of course these constant processes caused a lot of damage and breakage. Approximately 10 years ago, I had seen pictures that were taken of me from behind ( bad enough - this was an unpleasant body I notice a huge part going...
  5. tonigirl62

    Boosting your confidence with hair alternative.

    Hi Loveys!! <3 There is no need to hide under baseball caps, hats or bandannas. Think of hair as an accessory and imaging creating hairstyles that you have only seen in magazines. You can do that with Hair Toppers. I only wish I found them sooner. My confidence has boosted tremendously with...