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    How to take care of your scalp

    Clean scalp promotes hair growth. In the same vein, some shampoo and conditioner boosts the hair strength and makes the hair grow. On the other hand, infrequent hair washing accumulates dandruff which leads to hair loss. Massaging the scalp is another way of caring for the scalp. Research shows...
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    Reviewing a human hair wig

    This might be my favorite piece that I've had from Uniwigs so far. This piece has a medium blonde root making the knots much much lighter and less noticeable than the darker shades I've worn. I loved the hair texture very soft and full. I love the thickness of the blonde hair really worth your...
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    How to choose the right hair part

    Middle parts can often make the symmetry of your face stand out more. It’s the best for a round face. Because the center part will elongate the face, all the attention is going right down the middle and nothing on the side. But the center part will be a recommendation for a circular face...
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    How to take care of your culry human hair wig

    Give your curly hair the appropriate moisture it deserves Moisture is important for every type of curl hair, porosity, and density. If you give it too little moisture, the curls may become dry and frizzy. This will make the hair hard to detangle and style. When the moisture is too much, you may...
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    How to measure the area of hair loss

    With a soft measuring tape, record the measurements of the widest points from front to back and side to side across the area where you are experiencing hair loss. Record the measurements, adding one inch to each measurement to allow for half an inch of hair on each side or end of the base for a...
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    Hair care tips

    Except that perming can cause damage to the hair, the chemical composition in hair dye and bleach also can harm the length and luster of the hair. If you feel hair a little dry, try to wash less as far as possible, and don’t worry about it would be too oily. Hair oil will provide end old part of...
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    How to remove the glue?

    I recently bought a full lace wig, so decided to try to glue it. However, I'm a little worried that the glue will hurt my scalp. Is it safe? Is there any way to remove the glue with no hurt?
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    Reviewing Sunflower lace front wig

    First of all, I have to say this wig is gorgeous! The net is comfortable and doesn't bother my bald head with the lace wig grip headband. I love the color and the length both make me look like a blondie. In addition, I will probably use a bit of dry shampoo on the roots to get rid of the shine...
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    How to choose the right healthy foods for this winter

    Choose fruits and veggies rich in vitamin C: It is easier for viruses to thrive under cold conditions. That is why fruits and veggies rich in vitamin C are needed, not just to reduce the severity of cold but also to boost the body's immune system to keep the body safe from harmful pathogens. One...
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    Resale a human hair wig

    I haven't worn this wig since I bought it, and I've forgotten what brand it is. However, I promise it was made of human hair. It touchs very soft and comfortable, not very shiny. Does anyone want to buy this wig? Or, you can trade me something else.
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    Can you wear wig everyday?

    If you're planning on wearing wigs daily, you need to make sure your wigs fit correctly. Everybody's head sizes are different, and wigs come in a range of sizes to accommodate for that. A wig that is too big will slide around throughout the day, and irritate your scalp. So, take accurate head...
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    Right care of your hair

    Especially overnight you can do something really good for your hair and take good care of it. For example, you can pull a silk cover over your pillow. This type of cover has a smooth surface and therefore creates less friction. You can also use the night to let a hair treatment work for a really...
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    Avoid sleeping with toppers

    To keep your hair topper last longer, you shouldn’t sleep when wearing it. Why? The hairpiece is easy to tangling and shedding because you tend to turn around. Remember to take off the topper before sleeping to protect and keep it last longer as well.
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    If the hair is virgin hair, it can even cost much as the demand is high. People are enjoying its originality and comfort unlike synthetic. When is first bought, it can reek of mildew and fungus, but the proper process is taken to ensure hygienically. You may be rocking this without knowing it...
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    How to choose the right shampoo

    The right shampoo does the magic, on the other hand, the wrong shampoo wrecks the hair and without permission damages the success you have achieved so far. Your hair type determines the type of shampoo you will use be it dry, oily or normal hair. Also, target your hair problems in choosing your...
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    1. Straight hair Straight hair has no natural curl to it. Natural oils from the scalp tend to move more easily down the length of each strand, which can give straight hair an appealing natural glow. On the other hand, this can lead to greasy looking locks. Dry shampoo should help to cleanse oily...
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    Hair extensions cause balding or hair loss?

    Hair extensions are a simple and easy way to add length and thickness to your hair in no time at all. Can extensions cause hair loss? If you wear the extensions on a daily basis, the clips and hair can become quite heavy and put a strain on the hair they're clipped into. This means clip in...
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    Why is my hair falling out

    My hair loss is hereditary. I have no choice:cry:
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    Reviewing UniWigs Amber Silk Top Hair Topper

    Finally! I got my new hair topper, "Amber". It is super soft very smooth human hair! Fall in love with it! Only cons is that it seems to hard to style it. The original styling is strong in place. It works with the help of clips. Just like your own hair, it’s best to style it after wash. Now it...
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    Tips for the wig after washing

    After washing, the next step is to apply a conditioning spray to the wig. You will want to spray it liberally remembering to avoid the roots. Once you have finished with the conditioning spray, it’s time to comb out the wig. As with any wig, a wide-tooth comb is the best choice. Gently comb out...