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    Is the reason for male hair loss the same as female?

    Recently a friend of mine suddenly started losing his hair. Is the reason for male hair loss the same as female?
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    Resale A Mono Top Human Hair Topper

    This topper is very natural and beautiful, but the base is a little too big for me. It's 8.5"x9" extra large base. Is there anyone want to get this beauty? I've only worn it once.
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    Some useful self-help tips

    Discuss your hair loss with your friends, family and loved ones, preferably early on. Let them know how you feel about it and what kind of support you need. Look into disguising and covering up your hair loss with things like wigs, hair extensions, scarves and make-up. Persevere until you find...
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    Reviewing Emily Remy Human Hair Mono Topper

    Emily is my favorite summer topper! She is lightweight, cool, contours to my head nicely and the hair quality is amazing! I had her trimmed a tiny bit to blend with my bio hair and styled with a loose beach wave. She is comfy and feels natural, there is a natural amount of volume, clips are very...
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    Easy trick to blend your hair topper with bio hair

    To blend wig with natural hair, you should concern with the immediate hairline. You could cut the hair topper to a shorter length or add in a few layers. Sometimes making a bang can create a more natural look. The next tip on how to blend in a hairpiece is to ensure the extension fits properly...
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    How often should we wash our wigs/ hair pieces?

    How often you should be washing your wigs depends on how frequently you wear them. If you wear a wig daily, washing it twice a month is sufficient to ensure hair remains bouncy and fresh-looking for as long as possible. But if you only wear a wig once in a while, a once-a-month wash will...
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    How can I conceal thinning hair as a woman?

    My hair is thinning quickly. It is terrible. What should I do?
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    How to make 3-7 part more natural?

    Hi, everyone! Have you ever part your wig by yourself? My wig is middle part and I wan to have a 3-7 part. I tried, but the parted hair looks freaky. How to make it more natural?
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    Can ginger really treat hair loss?

    Some people say applying ginger lotion to the scalp can cure hair loss. Is that true?
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    What's the difference between a topper and a wig

    1. Head Coverage A wig provides total head coverage, but a topper just provide a coverage for one targeted area. 2. Group Wig: Individuals experiencing medical treatment, total hair loss, or advance thinning. And those ofr totally new look. Topper: Indivials experienceing partial hair loss...
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    How to remove your wig

    If you use got2b to glue your hairline, there something you need to pay attention to when you want to remove it. First, be sure to take it off slowly because you don't want to mess up the lace. Second, use rubbing alcohol. Put some alcohol on the hairline to remove the glue on your skin. This...
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    "Perfection" Review, my first human hair wig

    I got my first human hair wig last week. It is made from 100% high quality remy human hair. It's so gorgeous and silky smooth. I feel my confidence is back. Super love this real hair wig and love UniWigs.
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    Hi everyone! Have you ever had trouble getting rid of the hair dye on the lace? Today, I want to share my methods to remove the the hair dye. All you need is some apple cider vinegar. Pour a bowl of hot water and add a little apple cider vinegar. Mix them. Then take your lace wig and dip the...
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    Topper or wig? Which is better for me?

    Hi, everyone. I have hair loss for 5 years and recently I found that the older topper can't cover my whole hair loss, so I don't know whether buy a new topper. I am afraid that the new also can't cover my hair loss. This is my hair photo
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    What is your type of wig?

    There are three types of wigs, full lace, lace front and monofilament. I can't say which is better, so what is your type of wig? Why you choose this type?
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    What is your average age start losing hair?

    Hi, everyone. I'm new here and really curious about what is your average age start losing hair. I saw someone start in their 20s or 40s. And I start losing hair in my 30s. I feel that different ages have different sentiments. What about you?
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    Hello! I have been experiencing hair loss for about 5 years now. Basic thinning all over, I started out with extensions, hair loss got worse, then weaves, hair loss got SUPER worse then a sew in topper for the last 4 years.