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    UniWigs Customer Stories: Why helper hair?

    "I will be wearing a different wig each day next week. I work 4 days a week so I'll have a different look everyday. I have been inconsistent with consistently wearing a different look everyday and I want to do it more often. Is it naughty that I also want to confuse people on purpose and see...
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    Struggling with wearing hair toppers for the first time

    We some times get feedback from our customers that they don't like the toppers they purchased, especially for the new ones. After doing survey from them , we got know that actually they just struggled with wearing hair toppers even thought the toppers are beautiful. You may have the same...
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    How to use a round brush?

    The Round Brush: Stuff Fashion Nightmares are made up of A round brush is like the philosopher's stone, in the right hands it can be a tool of supreme magnificence but in the wrong hands it can be a source of endless trauma and torment. Growing up as young girls, we have all had our share of...
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    I have already recommended uniwigs to ladies I know!

    Thanks for your recommendation dear!:love:
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    Free try-on & coupons! Invite your friends to Join us!

    Yes, dear, we hope the more the better, invite your friends to join our forum to share and help!
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    Hair Loss Voice Of A Mother

    It's Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month, we'd like to share a bit about the struggle with postpartum anxiety, and wishes for moms. As we know, mom's would have anxiety when they have a bay. It's not easy for them to realize it. It's funny how sometimes anxiety whispers, and you don't...
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    Free try-on Invitation from UniWigs Forum!

    Go check your Referral Code in your "Account details". Every member will have a unique Referral Code to share with your friends, see how to win a free try-on opportunity and more coupons in the giveaway board...
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    Free try-on & coupons! Invite your friends to Join us!

    How do you win coupons and the chance for a free try-on? 1. Each registered member will have a five-digit number Referral Code which you can find in your "Account details". 2. Share the code with as many friends as possible. 3. You can get a one-time 20% off coupon if over 5 friends register...
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    It's happening! UniWigs Easter Mega Sale 2019 - What's New? Best Deals?

    UniWigs Easter Mega Sale 2019 is happening! Get up to 40% OFF products sitewide from Good Friday, April 19th to Easter Monday, April 22nd. Hair Toppers from $99, Trendy Wigs from $49, Hair Extensions from $89, Human Hair Wigs from $219…. You really do not want to miss this out! What's New...
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    My Happiest Moment with The Hair Topper - Review

    My name is Britney. I would like to share some of my happy experiences I have had with hair toppers and my big day. I remember the day he proposed to me like yesterday. The feeling of excitement as my high school sweetheart and the man of my dreams was soon going to be my husband! As the...
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    The steps to change the parting of hair product

    Recently , there are a lot of customers who has the issue with parting the wig or hair toppers. Especially for the silktop product. Can it really be parted on the side ? The answer is still yes . But you have to practise for a few times to make it better. 1. You need prepare a parting...
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    Forum Moderator Invitation from

    Thanks for your interesting dear, and do you want to be a moderator for which board?
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    Forum Moderator Invitation from

    @Maisie_M @bvp1105 And do you want to be a moderator for which board?
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    Forum Moderator Invitation from

    @Maisie_M @MLM @bvp1105 Thanks you guys, we will take consider and we will publish the winners in a week after 7th, March, 2019.
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    Forum Moderator Invitation from

    After launching 4 months ago, we agree that every board need moderators. We hope that people who have experience in dealing with hair loss can join us in helping other women and men with hair loss. UniWigs has always believed that customers are cherished and valued. We want customers' thoughts...
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    How to nourish your own hair while wearing a wig?

    Is your hair in need of some serious TLC? Do you want to grow your hair, or improve your hair condition from damage due to heat styling, bleaching or colouring? Many women choose to wear a wig to let their real hair have some time off to recover and not be on the spotlight and styled every...
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    What's your STAGES OF HAIR LOSS?

    Recently we received many emails to ask for "Mini Topper", they complaint that "all the women have significant hair loss" so most of the topper bases are in big size online. We just wondering what's your stages of hair loss dear all? Few people will choose a simple piece to add more fullness or...
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    Extending topper life...

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    Cutting wigs??

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    I need recommendations

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