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    How to put on a lace front wig

    Remove your lace front wig from the box and the protective hair net. Shake it out and hang ready. Separate your natural hair into 2 sections, plait and secure with elastics. Pin the plaits around your head, making the hair as flat and even as possible. Apply a wig cap to cover and conceal all...
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    Reviewing UniWigs Remy Human Hair Topper

    UniWigs never disappoints! The quality is on point, the construction is solid and the density is enough to almost act as a wig! The color is very Golden but was able to tone it down a good bit with purple shampoo. Feels fairly comfortable, I did have to sew an extra clip in front (thanks for the...
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    why are my hair extensions dry and frizzy?

    I don't know why my hair extensions is more dry and fizzy in summer? Do you guys have the same question?
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    where to buy hair topper near me?

    I want to know do you guys only buy topper online? Is there any wig stores you can choose in your city? And if a brand has an offline store in your city, will you prefer it more than others who only have online store?
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    An Early Wedding Present

    Three years ago, I was diagnosed with a kind of attention disorder. I lost so much hair. It made so difficult for me. I was such a young girl who's till feel this won't happen. It causes me so much anxiety to have to tell people if I'm going to have more than one date. I still fear that if they...
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    Will Gray topper be a trend?

    Recently, I found that so many women want a gray hair color toppers even their own hair is not sliver. We all know that normal color like blonde, black and brown will never out of date for hair loss or thinning hair women, but how many women born with sliver or gray hair, this is a question, and...
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    Should I choose synthetic or human hair topper?

    Recently my hair is growing out a little! I am so glad and since the summer is coming, I am wondering whether to choose a large base topper instead for the full wig. I wear wigs in human hair material for long time using to save money, but for toppers, should I choose synthetic one or human...
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    I'm just going to give you all a minute to take in how completely & utterly ratchet this wig has become... Let's give life to what was once lifeless! First a list of what you'll need: conditioner, oil, anti-frizz creme, mousse or gel, spray bottle, wig pins, styrofoam mannequin head. To...
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    Should I tell my friends that I wear a wig?

    20 years dealing with hair loss, 7 years wearing wigs... Deciding whether or not to tell friends about your desire to wear wigs can be a hard mountain to climb. Personally, I love wearing wigs and having such an easy way to add some diversity to my look, while for a friend of mine with alopecia...
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    Please help my husband

    I really don't know how to help him get the confidence back, the hair loss problem is getting worse year by year, it's not for genetics, does toupee is the only way to help him? Usually it will take a lot to make a hairstyle with a toupee, does there any way to get a new hairstyle at home by...
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    Not only for me

    Hi everyone, so glad to be here, I am here not only for me, but also for my husband. I only have hair loss problem after gave birth to my daughter and now everything is getting better, but my husband suffer from hair loss on the top for already 7 years and it's getting worse, but he don't want...