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  1. Anne859

    Finally, 5 Winners! Congratulations!

    Congrats to all the ladies who won, I cannot wait to see the reviews and photos!!! How exciting! :)
  2. Anne859

    Only four hours left!

    Yay!! This is exciting!!! Good luck to all of us who applied! :) Thank you for this contest too! :)
  3. Anne859


    Tomorrow we'll see the 5 winners of the topper try on, and I'm SO super excited!!! Of course, we all hope we win, but I'm excited to see any of us be the lucky winners, and I'm so happy to have met so many of you here. I look forward to seeing the topper on the lucky winners and hear their...
  4. Anne859

    Makeup, Cats, and Cancer

    Whatever you're wearing in your photo is gorgeous and very natural!!! :) You had me at "I also love Cats". Umm, 'nuff said! I love everything cats, and currently have "a few". :) I'm a member of a few cat groups on facebook too, and my day is filled with random cat videos and photos from...
  5. Anne859

    SO happy to be here!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, that's what I'm finding; we're not alone! :)
  6. Anne859

    SO happy to be here!!!!!!!!!!

    I was so happy to find this forum, and I really enjoy watching the YouTube videos of others suffering the same problems. I had no idea there were so many of us. While I know we wish we didn't have to deal with this, I know we're all glad to find others we can communicate with and learn from...
  7. Anne859

    My story and hope for the future...

    Hi! I have looked at the Emily topper and it's absolutely PERFECT! The color is also perfect for me! It looks so nice and natural. I hope I get a chance at it! Thank you for the kind words in your response. I truly appreciate it. :)
  8. Anne859

    Reasons that Cause Hair Loss

    I find it interesting that 2 of the disorders are autoimmune disorders, and I have psoriasis, which as you probably know, is also an autoimmune disorder. I wonder if there is any connection there! Having recently been diagnosed T2 Diabetic, I have been researching my medical history and...
  9. Anne859

    Happy to post reviews

    Wow, the topper looks absolutely gorgeous!! Obviously, I would have never guessed it was a topper had you not disclosed it. You look fantastic!!
  10. Anne859

    My story and hope for the future...

    *****EDITED TO ADD PHOTOS***** Hi again! As stated in my introduction post, my name is Anne and I'm 43 years old and I suffer from hair thinning/loss. In my case it is hereditary, and the women in my family (paternal side) all have the same problem. I have always had thin/fine hair, but as I...
  11. Anne859

    SO happy to be here!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi, my name is Anne! I am not very new to the site, but I am new to this forum. I have been following some products and videos of products from your store for some time now. I have not yet ordered a topper, but I have tried on wigs and toppers at a local store that specializes in hair...