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  1. Rhayes79

    Emily Review-I Love it!

    Hello. It’s Robin and I was one of the ones that was given the wonderful opportunity to give a review of the Emily hair topper in the Uniwigs Free Try on/Giveaway. I chose the 16 inch length in the G4 (Medium Brown) color. The product arrived a little sooner than I had anticipated which was...
  2. Rhayes79

    Widows peak

    If one has a widows peak and the hairline is thinning, how can one wear a lace front to look normal and not have the widows peak showing?
  3. Rhayes79

    Measure length on bio hair to match curly hair topper

    So, I probably should have asked this before I placed an order but how exactly do you pick the right length hair topper to blend in with your bio hair if it is curly? When I pull my hair out straight and measure from the crown it's around 11" in the back and angles to 13", but it's about 2"...
  4. Rhayes79

    Acceptance and ready to move forward

    So here goes… I can’t go back now. Hello, I’m Robin. I’m 38 years old and after 13 years of struggling with hair loss, I am finally ready to accept the fact that it’s not coming back and is only going to continue to thin and bald. My journey with hair loss began somewhere after the birth of my...
  5. Rhayes79

    Why pick me?

    Why should you pick me for this free try on of the Emily Virgin Remy Human Hair Mono Topper? I’m not any more deserving than any of the other women that have entered for this, but If you chose me I promise to give my honest, unbiased review and will definitely contribute to site with reviews and...