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    Feeling Lucky 🍀 Despite my Hair Loss

    The stress of hair loss can sometimes be soo consuming in one’s life, that you often forget all the things you have to be grateful for and “lucky” about in your own life. Taking a minute tonight on St Patrick’s day to remind myself of how “lucky” I am to have a healthy and supportive family to...
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    Scalp Biopsy for Diagnosis of Hair Loss

    How accurate do you believe your scalp biopsy was in diagnosing your reason for hairloss? Has anyone been told that the results are not always accurate?
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    Let’s talk about Vitamins

    Currently taking a daily women’s multivitamin , in addition to a “Hair, Nails and skin” combo vitamin, as well as an extra iron pill. What’s your regimen to help slow the hair loss process??
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    Hair Loss versus Hair Breakage. 🤔

    Causes of hair breakage include over stretching the hair in a tight headband, styling on wet drenched hair, a diet low in protein, zinc, iron, and /or vitamin B12 deficiency, use of sulfate shampoos, heat styling your hair, hair that has been colored, Or a protein imbalance. With hair loss...
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    Telogen Effluvium

    Just wondering if any of you diagnosed with TE have actually witnessed any hair growth after the triggering stressful event? If so, how long before your hair grew back to normal?
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    What do you do to cope with the stress of hair loss?

    Its ironic that medical personel seem to keep encouraging me to reduce my stress...yet, the hair loss is the reason for my stress!!! 🤔
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    Top ten reasons to buy a hair topper sooner than later?

    Don’t want to prolong the inevitable...convince me not to wait :)
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    Hump Day! Let’s share some motivational quotes to get us through the rest of the week.

    See one of my favorite quotes down below. :)
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    Healthy BioHair suggestions

    Anyone use a Bio-Hair product that they felt has actually made a difference in their amount of hair loss daily, slowed the process, or added to your hair's natural fullness?? Please share which products you like best for those of us new to losing our hair and feeling despair.
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    Helper Hair...Don’t Care!

    Ladies that have been wearing helper hair for a while, what are some of the things you do now with your hair topper on, that you may have not thought to do so when your first started wearing your hair topper?
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    Hello Everyone!

    I am new to the hair loss community as I have just recently starting with thinning hair. After researching online, I have realized that I am not alone, and that this is a much more common problem amongst women that I was aware of. I am looking forward to meeting other women in the UniWigs...