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    Same Bangs With My Mother

    After the birth of my daughter, I figured I didn't need any help. How hard could it be? I thought I was the youthful, born with the knowledge of how to care for baby. But after one month, I was out of energy. I called my mom for help. My mother arrived, saw what needed to be done, and very...
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    I have already recommended uniwigs to ladies I know!

    Received my Stella and am really happy with the silk topper! I own 1 other lace style topper and the silk topper is Definitely a little more realistic than the lace. But I still wear the lace one frequently because I love the shorter length and love the lightness to it. I like the Stella and am...
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    Should I choose synthetic or human hair topper?

    Synthetic hair is more light weight and perfect for summer, I think. Hope you have find your answer.;)
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    Will Gray topper be a trend?

    That's right! Most women over 60, will want to try gray hair, I think. Blonde hair maybe classic but gray is chic.(y)
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    My ever first review from

    Today I'm giving you a post that you guys have been waiting for me and asking me questions if I'm gonna do one. So I'm doing a wig tutorial! It is from UniWigs and it's literally my first wig. I love this wig. When I have this wig on, I feel like I'm a new person. When I put on this wig, it...
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    Guys, what causes your hair thinning?

    Many men are suffering the hair loss trouble. There are many types of hair loss. For example, alopecia, meds side effect, stressed out, gene, eating disorders etc. They are trying to surgery for hair plant, but surgical hair replacement is costly and invasive. While it can fill in a bald...
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    I would like to see more colors in greys and white.

    I wanted to like this wig but it is not comfortable and by that I mean, I am always worried that people will see the dark outline on the edge of wig around my forehead when its windy. I hate that. It is just on the verge of being too "wiggy." I wore it for about 2 months twice a week and then...
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    A review for Melanie Mono Topper

    I've just started using toppers after having used clip in extensions. I bought a few different toppers online and this one is clearly the best of the bunch. The design with multiple clips (7 I think) keeps it very securely on my head and is extremely comfortable- I honestly forget that I’m...