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    Silk top or lace top, which one should I choose?

    First to hair toppers and don't know how to choose the base. What's difference between silk top and lace top?
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    Carrie Synthetic Wig Review

    This is the 4th wig I've bought since losing my hair to chemo. I love it soooooo much. It is comfortable and makes me feel like I used to look. Great price and I got it in 2 days. In my honest opinion it's a great wig for the price. I will buy another for sure.
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    Hair loss affects self esteem

    Hair loss affects the way I feel about my look and give me the impression that it'll be difficult to attract men. I spend far too much time focusing on my hair loss. What do you think of hair loss? Are you upset and self-abased?
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    How to make your hairline more natural

    Some people who wear wigs often feel that their hairline is not real enough. There's actually a very simple way to solve this problem. All you need to do is blend your hair on the forehead with the topper's hairline. Very simple, right?
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    Is there any way to reduce hair loss?

    Tired of hair loss. Is there any way to stop and reduce hair loss? No pain, no scars. Hair loss almost break down my life.
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    How to swim with a wig or topper

    1. Swim cap When I swim with a wig, I won't wear a swim cap. I think the cap is so tight that I will pull off my wig with it when I remove the cap. However, when I swim with a topper, I always wear a swim cap. The cap will make my topper catch my hair better. 2. Choose a suitable wig or topper...
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    My story

    I have been inspired to share my journey after reading so many brave stories from woman who have lost their hair and have been and are traumatised by the experience. Like most of you, my hair has become a daily obsession which has ruled my life and taken away so much happiness leaving in it's...