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    How do I remove hair dye from skin?

    Hi, everyone! I also got the dye on my skin when I dyed my hair. I couldn't wash it off. Anybody know what to do? Thank you!
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    How do i tell its real human hair

    I've heard some people say that the way to tell the difference between human hair and synthetic hair is to use fire. I ain't going to burn my hair and my synthetic hair. So, how do i tell its real human hair? Any other way?
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    Can hair dye cause hair loss?

    I know that hair loss can be caused by a number of factors. Do all hair colorants cause hair loss? What if it's pure plant?
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    What do you do with your old wigs?

    Sounds great! It must look lovely.:love:
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    What do you do with your old wigs?

    I don't want to throw out.
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    What do you do with your old wigs?

    My wig is synthetic and it gets a little tangled.
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    What do you do with your old wigs?

    Some of my wigs are getting tangling and shedding. I don't know how to do with them. So, what do you do with your old wigs?
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    Why we need a wig

    We seek to have the beauty and the glam that many people want. We need to be glamorous and confident nowadays has become a necessity to belong in the civilization; which may seem excessive at times. We have to accept the fact that through the different innovations and inventions of wigs, it was...
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    Hi, everyone! Today I want to talk about how to choose a wig according to your skin tone. All you need to do is Understand Your Coloring Warm Skin Tone: wigs in golden-brown, dark-brown, rich auburn, chestnut, white, or those with red or gold highlights. Cool Skin Tone: wigs in blondes...
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    "Moon Nymph" Review

    This wig would be beautiful if I could make it fit properly. Very few wig companies make wigs for us people who, unfortunately, have no hair. I love the color and thickness, didn't love the lace front area. I almost messed it up trying to cut the front lace because, again, it's designed for...
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    What is the material of your wig?

    Hi everyone. Do you know what constitutes your wig? I searched on google and found that synthetic fiber can be divided into many types. I know that the manufacturer will indicate what made their product, but I don't believe them. So do you have any methods to identify them?
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    Something you should pay attention to after washed your wig

    1. Don't comb it If you comb it immediately after washing, the hair will be damaged. It is best to take care of it after it has dried up. 2. Don't blow dry it It is not a good idea to wash wig when you suddenly need to wear it. Because it is not good to blow hair with a hair dryer. You need to...
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    2019 New arrival: Prism, trendy wig with rainbow color

    Hey guys. Today I want to talk about one of the new arrivals 2019, 'Prism'. Its rainbow color is so cool that I want to wear it to Disney. It is beautiful and softy without any shedding and tangling. I highly recommend it to you. Colorful wig is perfect for hot summer. Go ahead and buy it...
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    Eating too much sugar will aggravate hair loss?

    Hi, everyone! Do you like sugar? I am totally a sugar drinker. However, I read an article about "Stay away from the following 4 types of food." It said we should keep away from too much sugar. Is it real? OMG, do I need to stay away from my favorite sugar? I can't imagine that.
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    How to choose the right shampoo

    Choosing the right shampoo for your hair is a constant headache for many people. Aiming at the various shampoo brands in the market, many people are constantly trying to choose shampoo, but there are few truly satisfying products. In my opinion, it is important to choose shampoo according to...
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    Is there any way to restore my wig?

    Hi everyone! Recently I washed one of my favorite wigs and it became entangled. so terrible! I love it so much and really don't want lose it. So I'm here to ask for your help. Is there any way to restore it?
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    What is your first wig like?

    Hi, everyone. Do you still remember your first wig? My first wig is a trendy wig from UniWigs. When I first came to UniWigs, as most of you, I thought their human hair wigs are too expensive and chose a synthetic wig called "Becky". She was so amazing and just like my own hair when I was...
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    Which colored wigs do you like the most?

    Hi, everyone! Recently, I want to buy a colored wig for spring. But there are too many good looking wigs, I can't choose one of them. Can you help me? Which color is the most suitable for this spring? Have you ever bought one of them? There are some photos about them. You can also view them on...
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    How to choose a high quality wig

    Hi, everyone! Today, I want to share my experience in picking a good wig. 1. Look A good wig can't be too shiny. As you know, too shiny hair will make your whole head become very fake. 2. Feel Bad wig's feel is dry and hard. A high quality wig is always soft and smooth. 3. Workmanship You'd...
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    How to choose the most suitable wig

    Hi Everyone! Today I want to share with you my methods of picking a suitable wig. The wearing of the wig should coordinate with color of skin, below the circumstance that oneself has hair, should choose as far as possible with oneself hair color is same or close color. When hair amount is little...