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    What are hair toppers

    Hair Toppers also call hair pieces, crown toppers, helper hair or wiglets are top pieces designed to conceal fine, thin, thinning hair or hair loss in the crown of head. They come in various sizes and hair lengths. They can be made of synthetic or human hair. Human hair toppers look the most...
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    Can hair dye cause hair loss?

    Hair dyes can damage the scalp more or less. Maybe pure plant hair colorants are less harmful.
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    How was the wig made

    Wigs can be made in two main ways: by hand or by mass production.Hairlines are sometimes hand-made on mass-produced wigs.The following two production methods are introduced.Handmade: usually used for big-budget movie and TV leads, sometimes based on a template or classic head shape, for a week...
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    What do you do with your old wigs?

    It depends on what type of wig you have.
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    Why was my wig frizzy after washing?

    I bought a human hair wig and love it. But once I wet it to wash, it was wavy making me have to straighten it. Have you had the same experience? How to solve this problem?
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    The best hair products I've ever used

    Hi, everyone! I have used and tried many hair products before. So today, I want to talk about the best hair products I've used. 1. Green Tea Fitness Air Dry Cream When I blow dry my hair, it always feels too dry. This cream can tame my flyaways and add polish to my hair. 2. Sky-Hi Volume Mousse...
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    Why is your hair broken easily?

    1. Too much perming and dyeing Because improper perming and dyeing can cause the scales to fall off, and can also cause bifurcation, and even hair loss in severe cases. 2. Poor air quality Some of you must find that hair is too hard to comb and wash every time you get off work. Most of the...
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    Medusa, my first red wig

    There are 2 months of Halloween and I am going to dress up as Mera, so I bought a red wig from UniWigs. This wig, called "Medusa", has perfect color and light weight. I love the packaging. I love how the wig looks straight out the box! There is no need to worry about the look. It is so natural...
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    How to make your wig look natural

    1. Replace Your Wig Regularly 2. Make your wig has rooted color 3. Mess up the hair part 4. Take wig to you hairstylist and make a natural new hair cut
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    Hair transplant or wigs? What will you choose?

    Hey everyone! Few days ago, one of my friends ask me 'why don't you try hair transplantation?' I think it is a little bit awful and hate pain. Have you ever wanted hair transplantation? Will you prefer wigs to hair transplantation?
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    Dark wig or Light wig, which color do you like best?

    Thank you. I love brown too. I got my dream wig last time through custom service. Maybe you can try this service.
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    Dark wig or Light wig, which color do you like best?

    Hi everyone! When you choose a wig, which color do you like best? We all know that it is important to choose the right color. In my opinion, if you just want one wig to cover your hair loss or make you look natural, a basic color is a good choice. If you want to DIY it and try more hairstyles...
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    Maple Sugar Review

    Hi everyone, today I want to talk about the wig I got few days ago. “Maple Sugar”, wonderful name. It is the 2019 new arrival. I always love blonde wigs and absolutely this one is blonde, strawberry blonde and platinum blonde with a dark root which is a very special match. It is only 300g and...
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    Which wig do you like the most on this hot weather?

    Hi, everyone! As the weather gets hotter, many people must want to have a breathable and comfortable wig. Which one do you like most in the summer in the wigs you bought? My summer wig is a human hair wig, called "Gabrielle". I bought it the year before and also bought some other wigs, but it is...
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    How to make wig not too shiny

    Hi, everyone. Today, I want to talk about how to make wig not too shiny. Some new synthetic wigs are always too shiny to wear. I have a method to solve this problem. All you need is a dry spray. First, spray on the wig and grab it slowly. Then, use your comb to comb the hair from tail to root...
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    How do you hide your own hair when wearing a wig?

    Hi, everyone! Do you like topper or wigs? I have always been very curious that how you hide natural hair when wearing a wig. I also watched many videos about wearing net cap on YouTube. However, the cap is so tight that I think it may hurt my poor hair. Do you have any other method to hide?
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    Do you know scalp care?

    Hi, everyone! When I was surfing the Internet the other day, I saw someone saying that scalp care is good for hair loss. I immediately became interested in scalp care and want to try. So I'm here. Have you ever tried scalp care? Is it helpful for hair loss?
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    Should I break up with my boyfriend?

    Thank you so much for your heartwarming message MLM I will try to tell him my concerns. I should have confidence in our relationship. Much love to you too...thanks for the support
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    Auburn Barbie Review

    Hey! Everyone! Today, I want to talk about my first synthetic wig, "Auburn Barbie". I used to hesitate to buy this wig because of its material. Someone once said that fiber is harmful to the scalp of people with hair loss. However, you know, human hair wig is too expensive. I bought "Auburn...
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    First Time Hair Wearer

    Hi! Everyone! As a first time hair wearer, I want to share my story with you. My hair loss is diffused throughout my entire scalp, and continues to worsen. I have taken serious consideration into a synthetic wig, but my stylist did not think that it would the best one. I don't like hair dye and...