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    Do you prefer synthetic wigs or human hair wigs?

    I have synthetic wigs and also have human hair wigs. I love them all. But I'm curious which one do you prefer?
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    What topper should I choose, New Arrival or Hot Selling?

    Hi, everyone! I've been a little confused lately. I want to buy a topper, but I don't know how to choose. Do I choose myself or refer to others' reviews? Some of the toppers looked beautiful, especially the "New Arrival", but no one reviewed them. Some of them look average, but people who have...
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    Whether I have hair loss

    I never paid much attention to my hair until I was a teenager. Then I realized I had less hair than most girls my age, but I didn't really care that much about it, I kinda just accepted that I had genetically thin hair. My dad is going bald, my mom has thin hair... and so does my sister. So I...