💖Sharing is Caring💖Customer Testimonial💖


💖Sharing is Caring💖Customer Testimonial💖
"This is my Bella Hair Topper. I have lovingly renamed her Dolly. She is the natural black color and I had bangs cut into her. I have had her for a year and I have loved every minute of it! She has brought me so much more confidence.
My hair has been thinning significantly for 10 years. I tried all the hair regrowth supplements, creams, oils, mousses and could never get the lost hair at my crown to grow back. I would blow dry, volumize, tease and use powders to try to disguise the balding spots in my crown. None of that worked. I wound up taking so much extra time doing my hair with no satisfying results. Now, I just clip Dolly into place and BOOM, I'm done with my hair and it's BEAUTIFUL!!! I get so many compliments on my hair now and I just eat it all up!" - Jennifer
🛑 Jennifer is wearing 6” * 7” Bella Full Silk Human Hair Topper - SKU: PS1801 Hair Color : Natural Black
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