2019 Wedding Hairstyles Ideas and easy tutorial with Extensions

May, a romantic month that filled with beautiful flowers and soft breeze, is UniWigs Wdding Month! So today I'm going to be sharing with you three best beautiful bridal hairstyles that are perfect for brides.

I'm going to be sharing an elegant up-do, a bohemian inspired up-do with fishtail detailing, and a pull-through braid. All these hairstyles can be done with or without extensions, but I am going to be using my Audrey Virgin Remy hair set extensions in shade T-486 help add length and volume.

1. Elegant up-do.

This updo literally took me less than 5 minutes to do. I add some really pretty flower hair pins to finish off the look. This up-do is a beautiful way to get your hair up off your neck and showcase your beautiful dress your wedding day.

2. bohemian inspired up-do with fishtail detailing.

This Simple and quick updo can be created just by using 2 fishtail braids. Here’s the video tutorial of this bohemian Up-do.

3. Pull-Through Braid

Basically, there is no complicated technique to create the hairstyle. It’s just like how you normally braid your hair. The last step is the trick and also is my favorite part - slowly pull out the braids as much as you want, the bigger the better!

I love each of these hairstyles so much, and they're all so unique and beautiful.
I really hope they helped inspire you for your special day!