5 Things you should NEVER do in your WIGS!


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Hi everyone.
I have already known you have got too many ideas about wigs. For example, how to style your wigs or how to care for your wigs. But do you exactly know the things that NEVER do when wearing a wig? Here comes today's topic. Are you still making these wig mistakes? Keep the following 5 things in mind that will definitely get the longest possible lifespan out of your wigs!

1. Don't wear it ALL THE TIME
I understand how much you love your wig and you never want to take it off! But just listen to me, it can not work. First and foremost, it could hurt your real hair and skin if you wear it non-stop. Give your skin and natural hair a break, honey! They need time to breathe. So you'd better take it off when you're ready for bed. Sleeping in your wig causes certain problems like let your wig hair get matted and tangled which may cause breakage. So if you need time to rest yourself, so does the wig!

By the way, don't swim in a wig! Chlorine and salt water can cause the color of blues.

2. Don't neglect the natural hair underneath
It's common that you neglect the real hair when wearing a wig. Cleanse your hair regularly to reduce buildup from keeping it underneath. If you would like your wig works to protect your natural hair instead of causing further damage, think of choosing a silk cap that might be better. What's more, never put your wig on while the hair underneath is wet. It can certainly bring bad consequences that breeding the environment for bacteria and make you sick.

3. Don't use regular shampoo, brush, or styling products
The most regular shampoo, conditioner, or styling products are not designed for wigs! It can weigh down the strands of your wig, making it heavier. So make sure the products you use for your wigs are specifically made.

Choosing a proper brush is also crucial. Do you know that regular brushes and combs are quite aggressive? What they do to your natural hair may wreck on wigs, for they stretch the fibers and damage the fragile strands of a wig in a permanent way! It can also drag the hair to fall out of your loving wig! So prepare a good wig brush before buying a wig!

4. Don't use a curling iron or blow dryer without reading your instruction book
I'm not exaggerating, DO NOT DO THAT! Heat tools can do great harm to your precious wigs! They can completely ruin a SYNTHETIC hair wig(unless the wigs are heat-friendly). So just read your instruction book before you got some wonderful styling ideas.

5. Don't scrub when washing or drying
It does damage to your natural hair too if you do that! Cleanliness might be done but it fizzles your wig hair in a quite harsh way. The proper thing is to blot gently with a washcloth! Wring out is definitely a bad idea! Instead, just pat it with your towel then hang it on a wig stand.

Okay, friends, those are some tips for extending the life of a wig. Do you make these wig mistakes? If you do, you'd better stop it! And do you know other things we should not do to our wigs? Please comment below and share your experience with us.