Acceptance and ready to move forward

So here goes… I can’t go back now. Hello, I’m Robin. I’m 38 years old and after 13 years of struggling with hair loss, I am finally ready to accept the fact that it’s not coming back and is only going to continue to thin and bald. My journey with hair loss began somewhere after the birth of my son. It wasn’t bad at first, but I did notice an overall thinning. Again, with two more pregnancies, I had regained full, healthy hair and then the falling out again after their birth. My youngest is four now and with the thinning increasing I need to take steps before I lose what little confidence that I have left. I’ve been able to lose 29lbs. over the past few years, which has helped me to feel strong and healthy but I still have this condition holding me back from being my best. I have talked with numerous doctors about it, had medical tests ran and they have all said that there is nothing that can be done. I have tried Rogaine, Spironolactone, volumizing and thickening products but have not had any luck. For the past few years, I have used ways to conceal the thinning like wearing my part on the opposite side, using hair fibers and makeup on my scalp and allowing the fluff from my curls to give me volume, but it is getting to be more difficult especially since my thicker part line is becoming sparse and my hairline is quickly fading.
I shouldn’t be this way but I have felt as though I’ve had to hide something that I have no control over and it has definitely gotten in the way of how I feel about myself. The stress over my hair loss has to be contributing to more of it falling out. I am going back to work in the near future and am having so much anxiety about it. I have hope though, especially after hearing some of stories from ladies online talking about their hair loss and showing off their beautiful Uniwigs. They look so real and comfortable. I have tried synthetic wigs and wiglets in the past but they have all looked fake, were hot and itchy and only made me feel as though everyone was starring. I also just found them difficult to wear as I still have my own hair. With a hair topper (especially human hair) I will have the ability to style it the way I like while integrating my own hair in and I would think that it would feel much lighter on my head. I actually just purchased my first topper, the 4”x4” Deep Wave Brazilian Remy Human Hair Lace Topper and am so excited to try it out. I will be giving my honest review on the website soon. Just joining this discussion group has helped to make me feel as though I’m not so alone in this. I can accept it, lose the stress and start to build my self-confidence back with the help of others on this site and hair toppers from Uniwigs. There is much still that I need to learn about these products but I want to be able to tell my story and inspire someone else along the way.