Air Dry or Blow Dry: Fine Thin Hair Tips

I'm sharing 2 tips for people with thin hair that could help you out in your daily life. These 2 tips are not necessarily to help on how you can make your hair look a lot more voluminous. This is more just how you can take care of your hair and give you some suggestions about the way how you dry your hair to make sure that it doesn't get all crazy looking.

Let’s get started it!

  • Air Dry Your Hair
Try as much as possible to air dry your hair in the daytime.
If you ever decide to air dry your hair in the morning, remember that at least it takes around an hour for it to air dry. Image you wake up in the morning and go to the shower directly, after that you could have your breakfast and do some reading; by the time, you are free to leave out of the house and It definitely will be dry by then!

I think this tip is awesome because it's much less work to do especially when you are lazy in the morning.
In this way, I do realize that it might be more specific to me. I have naturally curly hair so if I let it air dry, my natural curls last longer and stronger and obviously the stronger curls give me a bit more volume.

Air dry your hair is the best way to achieve voluminous looks to your hair and also it does much much less damage to your hair.

  • Never go to sleep with wet hair
Do not go to sleep with wet hair even if you have to blow-dry your hair.
I think that's a biggest sort of mistake that some people would usually make. I would never take a shower in the evening and then go to sleep with my wet hair and assume that in the morning my hair would look in anyway good at all. That's one of the things, especially people with very thin hair have to deal with - if they would to leave with wet hair to sleep, it just goes completely crazy in the next morning for sure.

I look really bad in the morning, and I cannot get my hair in control because my hair is so thin, plus, if I just sleep on it wrongly, then it will mold into that position and turn out a really bad result.
If you got the same trouble with me, please do blow-dry your hair before you go to sleep! Blow-dry your hair upside down, so it will give you much more volume as bonus.

That’s it for today. Please comment down below to share your tips and tricks about HAIR. ❤