An Early Wedding Present

Three years ago, I was diagnosed with a kind of attention disorder. I lost so much hair. It made so difficult for me. I was such a young girl who's till feel this won't happen. It causes me so much anxiety to have to tell people if I'm going to have more than one date. I still fear that if they don't like me because of that. I hate that as a strong woman I still have this vulnerability but it's my little battle to conquer I guess.

Having said that, when I have my hair on, the change in my confidence and self esteem makes it worth every penny. This happened one day, my fiancé and I were excited about shopping for a wig store. But our funds were limited, and none of the wigs in our price range seemed satisfactory.

One of my friend recommended UniWigs in particular. Her description sounded wonderful and the price was within our range, so we searched UniWigs on website. Days later, we made an profit-far below the price. Surprisingly, they offer big discount on their weekend sale. I placed an order from them instantly. It's human hair topper.

A few days later, I got the piece. I was surprised by the amazing hair piece. The hair quality is almost the same as my own hair, very soft and natural. The most important is I got the most important message from my boyfriend, he asked me, “Do you want to marry me?” , oh my god, I couldn't believe this happened when I was wearing my hair topper. I can't wait to share my pictures on my day.

The topper I purchased is Megan silk topper , you guys can find it here: There are many good views for it.