Ask Your Questions to Win UniWigs Loyalty Points


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Happy New Year!

Thank you for joining in UniWigs Forum! We are here to share, express and help, so we are organizing this Special Event to hear more from you. Here are the rules to participate:


1. You can set up 3 separate posts at most to ask relevant questions.
One post can win 200 UniWigs Loyalty Points, two post can win 400 UniWigs Loyalty Points, and three posts can win 500 UniWigs Loyalty Points.
It would be much appreciated if you lovely ladies may help to answer others' questions as well.

2. This Event will run from 2nd to 8th , January, 2019.
Please be noticed that all the points will top-up to your UniWigs account before 10th, January, 2019, EST.

By the way, We will organize more different events for our members to win the Forum Points in the future. The Forum Points can be exchanged into UniWigs Loyalty Points directly. So you will have more chances to get UniWigs products with more affordable prices.

Click here to get more infos concerning our Forum Points Rules:

Tips: You can ask questions in any boards you want.