Auburn Barbie Review


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Hey! Everyone! Today, I want to talk about my first synthetic wig, "Auburn Barbie". I used to hesitate to buy this wig because of its material. Someone once said that fiber is harmful to the scalp of people with hair loss. However, you know, human hair wig is too expensive. I bought "Auburn Barbie" under the strong recommendation of the customer service. 6 days ago, I got my first synthetic wig. I have to say it gave me a lot of surprises. It is not as heavy as I imagined and it is super soft. I saw many too shiny synthetic wigs, but this one not. My boyfriend didn't even notice that I wore a wig and he just thought I dyed my hair. If you don't have so much money and want to choose a synthetic wig, I highly recommend this one. I love it so much and it will be one of my favourite wigs.