Cutting Down a Lace Base That’s Too Large


Staff member
If your lace hair system is slightly larger than you would like — about 1/4 inch (or 1/2 centimeter) — and you don’t want to send it back to be corrected, you can trim the base yourself.

These instructions are for trimming bases with a lace perimeter. If your hair system has a skin base or a poly perimeter, don’t cut the base.

If you trim and resize your base, be sure to inform your hair replacement consultant that the size needs to be corrected in your records. You may also need to confirm that the template or measurements you sent were correct.

Important: Please note that we can have the base corrected or remade if it is still within the terms of our guarantee. If you decide to trim your base, you’re proceeding at your own risk.

  • Your lace hair system
  • Washable marker
  • Styrofoam head with t-pins and mount
  • Duckbill hair clips and/or bobby pins
  • Sharp scissors (smallest possible size)
  • Spray bottle with water
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Rattail comb

Step 1: Mark the trim area

To begin, determine the area on your hair system you’d like to trim away. Pin the system to your Styrofoam head with the underside of the base facing up. Very carefully, with a washable marker, draw a line to indicate where you’ll be cutting.

Step 2: Part and secure the hair

After you’ve drawn your line, remove the system from the Styrofoam head, flip it over, and repin it with the hair side facing up. Loosely comb the hair into the style you normally wear. Then, using the tail end of the rattail comb, part the hair along the line you drew. As you comb the hair, spray it lightly with water and secure it tautly with flat duckbill clips or bobby pins. You should end up with the hair secured away from your drawn line.

Step 3: Trim the lace

Once the hair is secured out of the way and you can easily see your line, you may begin trimming. Do your best to avoid trimming through the hair itself, so you aren’t left with short pieces and stubble around the edge of the base.

It’s helpful to use very small scissors, like cuticle or travel scissors, for greater precision. Whichever scissors you use, they should be sharp.

Step 4: Comb through the hair
Once you’ve completed trimming the lace, thoroughly comb through the hair system to remove any loose hairs. In the days following, you may see a few more hairs release from the area you trimmed. Don’t worry. The lace won’t continue to unravel, and some fraying is normal and expected.