EC1804 Violet 10 Pieces Clip-in Remy Human Hair Extensions


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UniWigs 10 pieces Clip-in hair extensions will instantly transform your hair with added length and volume in a matter of minutes. Designed with light clips and hand selected 100% remy human hair, can be washed and blown out just like your own hair. The Premium 100% Remy Human Hair is heat friendly and low-maintenance, providing the long lasting use time with the proper care. You can curl or straighten Violet as you would do to your own hair. Of course I would say the less heat or colorant you use the better.

violet-7-piece-clip-in-remy-human-hair-extension (2).jpg

Violet 10 Pieces Clip-ins design offers you the all-dimensional fullness and extended length, which include two 4 Clip Wefts (8"+7"), two 3 Clip Wefts (6"), two 2 Clip Wefts (4”) and 1 Clip Wefts (1" or 1.5").

violet-7-piece-clip-in-remy-human-hair-extension (1).jpg
Two sets of length& weight you can choose: One is 18”-160g, one is 22”-220g. Total four colors available: G-2 Dark Coffee Brown, G-4 Medium Brown, G-613 Platinum Blonde and newly designed 6-8 Pecan.

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613 platinum blonde of Violet extension is a perfect do-it-by-yourself color, for you are free to dye it to your dream hair color without harming your own natural hair!


The application of Violet is extreme easy. Please follow the step-to step chart down below:

application of Violet.png