Emotions when it comes to hair loss

I grew up with straight volume hair. When it changed to become thinning, I was so conscious. At first, it's just thin on top, and then the whole thinning. Do you want to know my emotions from max hair to wearing helper hair ?

Max Hair Stage:

My hair is awesome beautiful. I have a lot of it, more than some of my friends who just have naturally thin hair. I have so much hair, I don't even need to wear a topper. With the right products and backcombing, my hair can look impressively thick. With minimal effort and a touch of humidity, I have the prettiest curls. My hair isn't oily , so I very rarely need to take the time to wash it. I love my hair.

Lost Hair Stage:
My hair sucks. I've lost a lot of it. The vast majority of my hair has thinned out since my early teens, some friends and family have mentioned it to me, it hurt. I don't feel, or look like myself anymore. Now I feel like I need to wear a topper just to see someone I recognize when I look in the mirror. I've spent so much precious time and energy, used so many products, powders and backcombing, just to make my hair look thick.
My hair loss are unpredictable. My hair is so dry in weird directions, it's brittle , it can accentuate my thin spots, and my scalp. Even with the most gentle brushing, and the best oils, my hair breaks.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
I hate my hair.

hair loss discuss.png
Embraced Hair Stage:

I've embraced my hair! I've stopped focusing on the negatives, stopped looking at my thin spots, stopped noticing my scalp, stopped backcombing and using tons of products. I've started recognizing myself when I look in the mirror, I finally see someone happy and confident, again. You don't need to have significant hair loss to wear helper hair. You don't NEED to wear helper hair, even if you're bald! Acceptance is the most important! But, if alternative hair makes you happy, go for it!

Toppers that I get from:

I started wearing toppers very soon after this. My friends Jerry told me that UniWigs offers great hair toppers ,currently they sell products online, that's why their products are cheaper than those sold in offline- store. The have the same quality or even premium than the store's products. There are many good compliments for their products. So I tried to purchase from them. It really works for me. I'm satisfied with it. Now I'm saving my money to purchase their new arrivals called “Megan”. Hope it's still a good topper that I need.

I have had all of those emotions. My topper makes feel like I used to feel before I lost my hair. And I take it day by day. Some good, some bad. That's life!!!