Free Try On: More forehead space than hair ontop

Not everyone is thinning but some have thin enough hair on top WITH a hairline starting so far back that you can see their forehead from space! "Try having bangs" they said, but the hair that you do have is so fine and starts so far back that the bangs have no volume. It's a weird look to have volume on the ends of your hair and the top head looking like an egg. Also making a ponytail where the hairline is so far back is a weird look. Absolutely no volume.

My heart goes out to those ladies who do have real hairloss, it must be a nightmare and these wigs and hairtoppers must be a god send! My being here is not to compare my situation with theirs. I'm here to say that these products can also appeal to those who just want to have a normal looking hairline. I've teased my hair on top so much that I think I lost hair by always detangling then at the end of the day.

I would love to try on a topper to see how they would do with a situation like mine and to show others that these toppers can serve to anyone with all kinds of hair/head needs! Thank you!