Guys, what causes your hair thinning?

Many men are suffering the hair loss trouble. There are many types of hair loss. For example, alopecia, meds side effect, stressed out, gene, eating disorders etc.

They are trying to surgery for hair plant, but surgical hair replacement is costly and invasive. While it can fill in a bald patch, it will not stop any hair loss in the future. This is why a men's hair toupee is a good alternative. It is cost effective and will also provide coverage all of the time. Now, hair replacement is the increasingly popular way to get a full head of hair, if you don't want to undergo surgery to get it, then non-surgical hair restoration may be a great option for you.

NG is hot sale for its thin base (0.02mm-0.03mm thickness) and natural hairline that you won't feel uncomfortable. V-loop gives you knots free performance, just like grow from your own scalp. Medium density won't look way too much heavy. It's popular in Europe.

People who worried about wearing toupee may look weird, only because you didn't find the right one.