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It's Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month, we'd like to share a bit about the struggle with postpartum anxiety, and wishes for moms.

As we know, mom's would have anxiety when they have a bay. It's not easy for them to realize it. It's funny how sometimes anxiety whispers, and you don't really notice unless you listen very closely. Here's a true story from a mom who has experienced below:

“My anxiety started about 10 years ago when I had my first son. I thought it was all a part of the new mom maternal instinct thing, and that feeling protective of my baby was completely normal. But in hindsight, my level of fear and anxiety was extreme and unhealthy. From the second my dude was born, I was terrified of anyone touching him. In the hospital, I sent my husband to go with him when he left the room for testing. I had a revolving door of visitors that each wanted to hold him, and I wanted to throw up every time someone went near him.

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It didn't get any easier when we got home. Family would just pick him up and take him to another room. I tried to be polite and I was so afraid to speak up, but I couldn't understand how someone could just take my baby into another room without me, like it was no big deal.

I also had uncontrollable, horrible visions of him getting hurt. Things I cant even bare to say, and never have.

Everyone kept saying it gets easier with the second baby. It didn't. It was just as bad with the second. Then the third. It was always, always horrible.

The funny thing is that I didn't recognize this as a problem.

After my 3rd baby, I went to my 6 week checkup at the OBGYN. They didn't even ask me how I was feeling…and I was afraid to speak up. I don't even know why. Maybe they thought that I would know the signs of PPD or PPA, since this was my 3rd child, so if I needed help, I would ask for it. But honestly, I didn't know how to put my feelings into words, and I didnt even know that I had a REAL problem.

It wasn't until my anxiety was spilling out into every other area of my life that I got on google, and learned that Postpartum Anxiety IS ACTUALLY A THING. Everyone talks about Postpartum depression, but I had NO idea that there was such thing as postpartum anxiety. “

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It recalled my mind of pregnancy, I can totally know the feeling of anxiety, sleepless, non-understanding…This article for all great moms. Happy Mothers Day!!