Hair Topper 101 - What is the Silk Base for Hair Toppers - Pros & Cons


The Silk Top Base is constructed with a layer of lace, and pure silk fabric on the top front of the cap. The Silk Base is The most realistic scalp the market has to offer today. The Silk Base can perfectly hide the knots and you don't need to worry about any other techniques to make the knots invisible or less visible, because the roots of the hair on the wig are hidden under the silk base.



Realistic Looking: The Silk Base Wigs can bring you the appearance of having a scalp that looks like your own, which is the most realistic topper base on the market today. With Silk Base, you don’t need to hide or camouflage the knots when you part your topper!

Styling Versatility: The Silk Base offers versatile styling options as you can part your silk topper any direction.


Difficulty to Lay Flat: Due to the duo layers or even the triple layers of the Silk Base, the Silk Base Hair Toppers are not very easy to lay flat on the head of wearers, sometimes may get bulky on the crown.

Breathability: Due to its unique layered construction, the Silk Base can lack breathablity, compared with lace and mono base. You may find it to be a tad hotter during the summer than the other two bases.

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