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"Struggling with thinning hair has been a difficult journey for me. I have had so many friends and family reach out to me with ideas and solutions from medications, vitamins and supplements to diets, oils, shampoos and serums. I promise, I’ve tried it all. I finally came to the conclusion that even if all my hair did grow back, it was never stellar to begin with. I just don’t have the genetics for really full, amazing hair. So that’s why companies make things like hair toppers and for me it’s an excellent solution. I really love this upgrade Claire Plus Mono Hair Topper with the Halo String! The Halo string on this Claire Hair Topper makes it super convenient to hold it on while you’re glueing. It feels so secure and eliminates the damage on that tender top part of your scalp worth the effort for sure! "- Lacie R.
🛑Lacie R. is wearing 6.5"x6.5" Upgrade Claire Plus Human Hair Topper - Color : G-4 Medium Brown with a custom dark root and highlights – SKU : PM1902
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