Hair Transplants and Hair Pieces (Toupees)


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There are rules to this board (thread) and they are as follows

1. No attacks or abusive posts toward members with HT. I know that many of the membership here doesn't necessarily agree with getting a HT, however this is not the place to be judgmental. Some sensitivity needs to be shown. (At the end of the day, we all have done something in life that we later had second thoughts about regardless if it relates to hair loss or not.)

2. While this is a place to share stories or even vent, this is not a place to advertise for companies, and spam in any form will not be tolerated.

3. Private messaging between members is always allowed, however, this is not a pickup site and once again, avoid being abusive and judgmental. If a member feels he (or she) is being harassed, PM myself or another moderator, and we will address the offending individual(s).

4. Suggestions on methods to help with HT's and the scars they leave behind are always welcome, and any member can post on this board (thread), however, again, rules 1 and 2 will still be enforced here.

5. If posting pictures, please try to keep them within the size limitations.

6. Trolling is absolutely forbidden. Sharing links from other forums are okay as long as they are not spam and not trying to promote/sell anything.

Anyone violating the above will be warned via PM, and then openly in the forum. Repeated violation of the above will result in action being taken, including but not limited to, editing and/or deletion of posts and getting banned from the forum.

If a moderator feels there was something I missed, feel free to add on.