Helper Hair...Don’t Care!

Ladies that have been wearing helper hair for a while, what are some of the things you do now with your hair topper on, that you may have not thought to do so when your first started wearing your hair topper?


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When I first started wearing my topper I just wore it like I wore my own hair only now it looked thicker. But as time went on I realized I could try different styles that with my natural hair I couldn't achieve. Think out of the box and be creative.
Thank you DLC for your reply! Great point about being able to experiment with hairstyles that might not have been achieved with your bio Hair! Toppers are a great alternative to getting a fresh new look instantly.
I had reservations at first as I was considering a hair topper. I wasn't sure how it would hold up with my active, outdoor lifestyle. My concerns turned out to be unfounded. I ride a scooter and this product holds up well with the punishment of wearing a helmet. It keeps its shape surprisingly well and with just a little primping, I am ready to rock.
That’s great! I know that there are many ways to secure your hair topper...including adding clips, combs, glue or wig tape. So nice that you are moving on thru life and not focused on hair loss...products from Uniwigs help give women our confidence back to do the things we enjoy, without worrying about our hair loss.