Hi everyone

Hi Everyone, my name is Sandi and I'm from Devon in the UK. I have ordered my first topper. The Bella in mid brown and can't wait for it to arrive. I have generalised thinning all over my scalp but it is most noticeable at the part and crown areas and getting more difficult to disguise with sprays and root hair make up. I started thinning in my late 30s after I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and I also had anaemia for many years with gynae issues. My father lost his hair young and all my grandparents had thinning hair particularly one of my Grandmothers although my Mum had beautiful thick hair even after chemo. I also shed a ton of hair after a very low calorie diet and it didn't seem to recover so I think there are may reasons for my hair loss and my Doctor seems to agree with me. I am nervous that I have spent a lot of money on the Bella and that when it arrives it won't work for me. Fingers crossed! Looking forward to reading all your threads!
Hi Sandi,
I'm from the UK too (north east) and also have a Bella in mid brown G4 (two in fact, I've just upgraded as growing my bio hair!).
Your hair loss sounds quite similar to mine and I've found uniwigs toppers to be really fab since I started wearing them last year. Personally I just feel like it's a weight off! I no longer have the compulsion to check my hair constantly through the day to make sure I have no thinning patches showing. Just put my topper on and live my life now! Hope it's the same for you!
I did feel like getting my first topper was a bit of a learning curve mind, I was quite disheartened at first but once I played around with it a bit and found where it sat best on my head I was so pleased and haven't looked back!
Would love to know how you get on with it, I'm happy to help with any advice etc if I'm able.