Hi everyone!

Hello there! I am Jerri. I have had hair loss (thinning) that started in my mid 20s. In the past couple of years it had thinned enough to where it was very noticeable that I was missing hair on top and all around the crown. I started using sprays and hair fibers but even that doesn't help a lot now. Over the past five years I had started toying with the idea of wearing a wig. I bought some four years ago would wear them to work and everyone would look at me and smile, because they could tell I was wearing one. I was so self-conscious and so would not wear it very often. I am now 54 and have reached a point where I am using so much hair fibers and sprays that it too is noticeable. I bought a wig from Uniwigs, the Carrie lace front, but it was way too large for my head. Uniwigs was kind enough to let me return it. I have now ordered a topper to try. I ordered the Claire 12" 130% density. I am hoping it will cover well, not be noticeable, and especially, not fly off my head. I live in Oklahoma and the wind here is ferocious. In addition, I drive a convertible and need something that will stay put! Needless to say, I am terrified of this next step, but I simply HAVE to do something. I am also SO glad Uniwigs told me about this forum! It is a blessing to be able to hear that I am not the only person who has this problem and to hear how others have handled it and see the tips and tricks they use to help with their toppers/wigs! Hopefully once I receive my new Claire topper, it will be the answer. I am saving up for the topper that has the bangs (the Amber) because I have always had bangs my entire life due to a high and receding hairline in front. It is just that I can't afford the price of that one right now and need to do something right away. I look forward to talking to all you brave ladies!
Hi Jerri,
I live in northern England it's really windy here too! I used Got2Be glued spiking gel. I spread a blob on the very top centre of my head before i clip topper on and once it dries it really holds. It's water based too so just washes off your head once topper has been removed.

If that doesn't work look at toupee tape/glue and check out cornerofhopeandmane.com blog she's done a whole piece on adhesives.