How to care for your hair.....human and / or synthetic

Hi Fellow Hair wearers!!

Just a few pointers on caring for your helper hair:
  1. First and foremost, when washing or conditioning your hair, never, ever use HOT water. Always use cool water (even on your bio hair) Hot water will strip the oils cause breakage, frizz and damage.
  2. Use mild shampoo which is SULFATE AND PARABEN FREE - chemicals cause much damage to Synthetic, Human and BIO hair.
  3. Any topper, extension and wigs which are human hair, since not attach to your head, do not replenish their natural oils. This is why it is so important to avoid damaging chemicals by all means.
  4. Do not over wash your helper hair because it will dry the hair and damage it quickly. However, you can co-wash (conditioner only) for your curly pieces.
  5. If you feel as though you need to freshen the hair, without washing, you can use Dry Shampoo or put a small amount of baby powder in your hands and run it through the hair.
  6. When washing your helper hair, fill a sink basin with cool water and a cap full of sulfate free shampoo, swish the water with your hand to mix the shampoo with the water. Place your hair in the basin and swish, slowly, a few times. You can let it sit in the basin for 15-20 minutes. Now, lift the hair out of basin and drain the water....let the cool water run, NOT AT FULL PRESSURE - and rinse your hair. When conditioning, use the same process. Now, gently squeeze excess water from hair. NEVER RUB OR RING out the water. Now, lay your hair on a COTTON T-SHIRT, not a towel. A t-shirt is best to use on your bio hair as well, as this does not cause any friction. Fold the t-shirt so it is above and below the hair and gently press the hair. Never ring it out. Unfold the t-shirt and let the hair air dry.
  7. When combing through the hair, never use a brush, use a wide tooth comb and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAY, comb from bottom to top. This way you will untangle the hair little by little. If you comb from top to bottom you will surely cause severe breakage.
I hope this is helpful. I have worked in a Cancer Center and my position was to assist patients with helper hair. It is my passion.
My helper hair always lasts a very long time.