How to care your hair extensions: Care and Tips

Today, I’ll share with you ladies about my personal tips and tricks of the hair extensions.
  • Take A brush/comb with you
Actually, I am not a very careful person to treat my hair extensions nicely. Whenever I take off my clip in hair extensions, I always drop them out directly to my bag without putting them in a box or covering them. But the truth is the more careful you are, the longer the hair extensions last, so I highly recommend you ladies put your extensions into your original box or a paper/plastic bag after you take them off that’s because you can prevent your hair extensions from the press to make them be out of shape. Also, here’re two steps you must have to do before you put them in the box.
  • Gather all your hair extensions, gently brush all the hair from top to the end (if you see any knots, you may brush it individually).
  • Tight all your hair extensions together like a ponytail so you hair doesn’t tangle, and then roll your hair to a circle
After you done with the two steps above, you’re feeling free to put the hair in the box!

Here, I want to be clarifying one truth about tangling in general: All hair extensions tangle.
That’s because the hair does—they’re human hair just like your own hair. If I do not wash my hair after two three days, it does tangle, so the hair extensions do the same thing.
How to avoid tangling in general?

First, take a brush/comb with you! Brush your extensions and your own hair regularly. Most tangling hair extensions are actually created by the friction of your hair with the hair extensions. Just imagine the scene in your head. Your natural hair is rough and got split ends and you have beautiful silky hair extensions. You clip the extensions on and then throughout the day, everything is mixing and what happens is you have a tangle! So you constantly brush through the hair that’s what it takes to have beautiful tangle-free hair as you want hair extensions.

  • Never ever sleep with your hair extensions on.
When you’re sleeping, your extensions are here, and you’re tossing and turning your hair, bomb, your hair extensions and your hair are mixed up and create tangles.

Okay. Here it is. If you have any ideas about today’s topic, please feel free to leave comments below.