How to choose the right hair part


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Middle parts can often make the symmetry of your face stand out more. It’s the best for a round face. Because the center part will elongate the face, all the attention is going right down the middle and nothing on the side. But the center part will be a recommendation for a circular face.

Off-center part or side part means you can leave one centimeter or two centimeters off from the center. It is great if people don't have perfectly symmetrical faces and you want to just bring that eye, not to the center. The oval face is the most optimal face shape. Any part will look great with this face shape. But try a slightly off-center part, you will look more attractive.

The last one is the Zigzag part. This part can be on the side or in the middle. This part will look nice and jagged. The zigzag part will give you amazing hair volume. A sightly zigzag part for square ladies will look much better.