How to get wavy hair toppers?


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A lot of followers left message on our social media :

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1. Does your hair topper come in a wavy style?
2. I would love to see wavy or curled toppers that have volume.
3. Where to find wavy or curly hair toppers

We are so glad and appreciate that we have such honest and loyalty followers. We understand that sometimes it’s not easy to find a perfect one on website. Lots of our readers would like to read. So here lists all wavy hair toppers:

1. 8.5"*9" Hope Wavy Synthetic Mono Hair Topper
This big size topper is only synthetic hair topper on our website, the cap is the most popular one because it’s mono topper and very comfortable.


2. Claire/Upgrade Claire Curly Wave Virgin Remy Human Hair Topper
Both Claire toppers are made with human hair and mono base. The Claire one is 5.5*5.5, the Upgrade Claire is 6*6.

3. 5.5*6 Vickie wavy Mono topper
The Vickie topper also human hair topper with mono base. But the curls will be looser than Claire topper.

Charleigh Curly Virgin Remy Human Hair Lace Hair Topper.jpg
4. 6”x6” Charleigh Curly Virgin Remy Human Hair lace hair topper
Charleigh wavy topper is always our top selling lace topper. Because the size can cover the hair loss area for most people. The beautiful water wave would match own bio hair.

small size human hair lace hair toppers.png

5. 6 small size human hair lace hair toppers
Below six hair toppers are smaller size compared with above toppers. They are lace hair toppers with different waves. People will choose those toppers because the price are affordable.

6. If you are not satisfied with above hair toppers ,no worries, there are two ways to help you:
One, we suggest you purchase one straight human hair topper, our human hair toppers are 100% human hair which can do as your bio hair. Use curling iron on the hair topper and make some curls.

Or, choose a straight human hair topper, we custom the curls for you. You could send email to: [email protected]
These are all beautiful options! My hair is naturally wavy, but I usually end up having to blow dry it and then curl it with a curling bar to blend with my Claire topper. I'm headed to the Uniwigs website now to get a better look at the Hope topper!