How to nourish your own hair while wearing a wig?


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Is your hair in need of some serious TLC? Do you want to grow your hair, or improve your hair condition from damage due to heat styling, bleaching or colouring? Many women choose to wear a wig to let their real hair have some time off to recover and not be on the spotlight and styled every single day. Here are some top tips to give your own hair excellent nourishment and care while using a wig.

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Massage your head before and after wearing a wig:
While wearing a wig does give benefits to your hair, your hair may get less movement while wearing the wig. To help with this, it is a good idea to give yourself a gentle scalp massage to stimulate blood flow to your scalp. For even better results, put your head upside down while you do this, so even more blood will flow to your head. This will encourage growth and promote hair health. Do this gentle scalp massage for a few minutes before and after wearing your wig.

Wash your wig:
Wigs should be washed once or twice a month or fortnightly depending on how often you wear them. Washing the wig also includes carefully washing and shampooing inside the wigs base. Don’t forget this step because if the wig base is not washed, then product build-up, oils and dirt will cause bacteria to breed in your wig and this is not healthy for your own hair.

Get regular trims:
You should treat your hair to regular trims to promote length and overall hair health. Getting a trim every 12 to 16 weeks will get rid of split ends that may be causing breakage to your hair. This amount of time will also give your hair plenty of time to grow new length. Your hair will look and feel fuller and shinier by having the dry ends removed and will help your hair feel more nourished.

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Deep condition your hair:
Deep conditioning your hair is amazingly nourishing because it adds moisture to the hair and allows it to absorb more deeply than just regular conditioning. Deep condition your hair weekly to prevent it from getting dry. You do not need to buy anything super fancy or spend lots of money to condition your hair, just your regular conditioner will do. You could also use a natural oil of your choice, we love coconut oil; but you could also use olive oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil or argon oil. You can apply the conditioner or oil to dry hair or damp hair, but only apply from your ears down, as that is dryer hair that needs more moisture. The hair above the ears is newer hair and is already getting the natural oils from your scalp, so applying deep conditioner here will only make your hair greasy. You can leave the deep conditioner on for a few hours or overnight before washing out to reveal softer silkier hair.

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Use a Leave-in conditioner
If you really want to nourish your hair while wearing a wig, it is recommended to spray some diluted leave-in conditioner onto your hair before wearing the wig and cap, although a light spritz and just enough to moisturise the hair would be sufficient. Too much may cause product build-up and make it too humid underneath the cap. Leave-in conditioners are super helpful for revitalising your hair.

If you follow these steps you will be sure to nourish your own hair while wearing a wig! You will notice your hair growing, becoming shinier and generally healthier!