How To: Properly Put On Your Halo-Shaped Extensions

Halo extension has come to known as one of the most efficiency and easy-applied extensions. After you get your halo extension (EC1802) by UniWigs fitted properly,
now is the time to get acquainted with how to put it on the proper way as well.
Today let’s talk about the application of halo shaped extension.

There are improper ways and proper ways to put on the halo, so before you've worn it a whole day or not, it needs to be molded to your head shape. At the first couple hours, you might feel a little bit insecure, you're going to feel movement and going to be very aware of it, so please do give it a few hours to mold to your head shape.

Firstly, you need to put up half of your hair up about an inch to 2 inches back from your hairline (everybody's head shape is different) Making sure that your parting where the wire is going to lay is where all the hair is up, so that you can lay the wire there and there isn't going to be too much hair laying under the wire when you put it on and then clip this out of the way. Please keep in mind that you don't pull too much of your hair up and over because if you pull too much of your hair up and over, it can put tension on the extension which can then put tension on your scalp.

When you place the HALO on, you want to start with control of the wire first.
Don’t make any moves for the back until your wire is secure in the place that you need it to be. Have a good hold on the two corners where the wire meets the weft. Then you’re going to press the the two corners against your head and clip them on.
If you don't make sure the wire stays where it's supposed to go, it's going to slide back on you head. Where it's supposed to go is on higher on your head and not low near the back of the head. Everybody's head shape is different, so just try to get your best proper fitting from the hairline it’s anywhere from one to two inches that you're wanting to stand. Also put two sides about an inch or two inches above your ear and then the back left area should fit snug, not too tight, not too loose right at the occipital bone. Right there you should be able to see your parting above the weft and any hair bunched up right over the weft.

The very most important last step that you're going to do that is combing every hair strand that is lying under the wire out. Comb your hair horizontally to the side by a rat tail comb. It will hide the wires and it ensures that your hair is safe from the wire. Brush out all your hair, then you’re free to go!

Keep playing around with HALO, keep practicing it. The more you do it, the more you wear it, the easier you put it on.

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