How to Select UnWigs Silk Top Hair Topper For 2018 Autumn


As we all know, the Silk Base is the most realistic base that the market can offer for the Hair Toppers. At UniWigs, we have developed a large collection of hair toppers with Silk Top Bases for our customers who are suffering from Hair Loss or Thinning Hair Problem. This Summer We would like to recommend some of UniWigs Best Selling Silk Toppers to all ladies who are big fans for the Silk Base.

1. Amber Silk Top Virgin Remy Human Hair Topper
The Amber Silk Top Human Hair Topper has been launched in Autumn 2017, which had become one of UniWigs Best Selling Hair Toppers since then. Its 6” * 6” Large Base Size can offer the great coverage for hair loss in the top or crown area. The Silk Top Base can make the knots 100% invisible and gives the illusion that the hair is actually growing out of the scalp.
2. Bella Virgin Remy Human Hair Silk Top Topper
This Bella Silk Top Hair Topper is from UniWigs 2018 Summer Hair Topper Collection. It has ranked the No.1 Best Selling Hair Topper for the last two months since it was launched in May this year. The feature of this Bella Silk Topper is the 6” * 7” Full Silk Base, which allows you to make the hair parting in any directions, which can be a perfect choice for some ladies fond of making side part for their hair.

3.Claire Silk Top Virgin Remy Human Hair Topper
The Claire Silk Top Human Hair Topper is the variant of UniWigs Best Selling Claire Mono Hair Topper, with a Silk Top instead of Mono Top. So this Claire Silk Top Hair Top, also featuring a Lace Front,can create a natural looking hair line, which will work great for ladies who have thinning hairlines. The 5.5” * 5.5” base size also can provide enough coverage for the hair loss in the top or crown area. The wefted back can make this topper more breathable and lightweight.
In sum, these three silk top hair toppers have their own features. For ladies who want more coverage on the top or crown area, the 6” * 6” Amber Silk Top Hair Topper may be the right choice. The Bella Silk Top Hair Topper should be for those ladies who like making the side part. If ladies have thinning hair starting from the hairlines, they may consider the 5.5” * 5.5” Claire Silk Top Hair Toppers.