How to treat hair loss and hair thinning problem?

1. Don't wash your hair with very hot water or very cold water.
2. Don't use too many chemical products on your hair. Mix shampoo with a little bit of water before you apply it on your hair. Don't apply directly.
3. Keep them tied up whenever possible.
4. Don't wait for the tangles to become complex and then cut them out. Detangle whenever required.
5. Pollution is one of the main causes of hair fall. Try to cover your hair when you're in a heavily polluted area.
6. Again, don't use polluted water to wash your hair.
7. If possible, try to avoid shampoo altogether. Use home made shampoo substitutes. A lot of options are available on the web. In India, shikagakai mixed with rice water was very commonly used until shampoos came into use.
8. Apply coconut oil. Not the chemical added coconut oil sprays but pure coconut oil. For better results, you can add in Amla, Neem leaf and boil the oil, which can be cooled and then applied on hair. Amla and Neem help your hair grow as well maintains your hair's natural colour.
9. Some food items such curry leaves can catalyze hair growth. Try to add them in your diet.