How to use a round brush?


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The Round Brush: Stuff Fashion Nightmares are made up of

A round brush is like the philosopher's stone, in the right hands it can be a tool of supreme magnificence but in the wrong hands it can be a source of endless trauma and torment. Growing up as young girls, we have all had our share of horror stories that have changed our perspective of the round brush forever as much as we stand in awe of its magical abilities to transform a mere mortal into an absolute trailblazer.


The Round Brush: God's Fashion Miracle

The round brush does have a reputation that precedes its presence and every young girl's childhood is full of stories of how using a round brush without proper knowledge got their hair entangled in a curl and it finally had to be cut off in patches to remove the round brush. On the flip side, the benefits of a round brush are manifold. From a hair styling point of view, a round brush is like a magic wand, with the ability to create any hairstyle like magic, with the snap of a finger and without even having to step out of home.

The round brush is like God's fashion miracle for the perfect at home blow out. So the question that arises is how exactly does one make use of a round brush to transform it from the stuff nightmares are made up of to make it the solution for all your hair styling woes. Well well well ladies, hold your horses, this is where the secret unfolds.

Want volume, reach for the round brush

You want curly tendrils, so the curling iron is where your eyes go. You want straight hair, well a straightener can resolve that for you. But what if, you want to add hair volume? Let us refer to a celebrity hair stylist and personal style agent for many famous Hollywood celebs, she reveals, her choicest weapon for volume for any hairstyle is the all-weather multipurpose round brush. Her beauty secret just between the two of us, the shape and bend of the round brush is actually what contributes to the shine and a bend to the end of the hair, if rendered by expert stylists who know how to use the round brush for desired outcomes. The round brush is a marvellous tool that can transform the way your hair sits simply by shaping and polishing the cuticle.

Note to self: Always de-tangle wet hair before blow drying

Listening to expert's suggestions, the preparation for your blow dry session should begin while washing your hair. The correct way for preparing your hair for the blow dry session is to use a wide brush or spread the fingers of any one hand apart and running it through your hair while washing your hair with a conditioner. Use more conditioner to create more smoothness between the strands of hair to allow running a wide brush or your fingers through them without any resistance or formation of a tangle. This gives the hair a silken finish and is more conducive for producing desired outcomes upon styling or blow drying.

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The next phase

After rinsing hair, our expert suggests wrapping wet hair in a flannel towel or cloth of similar texture, around the head till the moisture is completely absorbed and the towel soaks up all the water from the hair. Once the towel is removed, one can proceed to blow dry the hair till almost 80% dryness before they can use the round brush for styling. This can be approached in an organised way by taking sections of hair and drying it off completely, clipping it up before approaching an undone section of hair. This way the entire texture of the hair is more consistent, and every strand is given individual attention; so that the hair is completely untangled across the entire stretch of the head. So now that we have approached the hair by sections it is easier to continue styling by each section that leaves more room for error and style variety.

The styling process: Using a blow dryer and the round brush

The blow dryer is not known for rendering a smoothness in finish to the hair, and hence why blow-drying by sectioning the hair allows a finish of smoothness to all hair strands. Also having one's hair run loose while blow drying it is nothing short of a recipe for disaster. Having hair unsuspectingly caught in the blow dryer is a horror one can do without. It is best to approach the hair by sections and position the nozzle to be parallel to the flow of hair in order to avoid split ends. This ensures the hair strands are polished and the cuticles at the end of it are closed. Holding the hair section, use the round brush to brush through and keep the nozzle of the dryer perpendicular to the flow of hair, blow hair up and then down and about. When you're done and have reached smooth and silky hair, proceed to repeat the same method on all the other sections of your hair till the desired effect.