I know it’s very frustrating to cope with damaged curly hair especially when you try to style it. So today let’s discuss how to wash and style damaged curly hair.

First thing I always do is rinsing out my hair to when it’s ready for conditioning. Make sure that you use cool or warm water rather than use hot water to wet your hair because it will aggravate your damaged fragile hair otherwise. I use a lot of conditioner, say 5-6 times of press, onto my wet hair. At this point, I just massage my hair and even massage my scalp. It helps to work that conditioner throughout my hair to get it well moisturized.
Next, I go with a detangling brush (for example, wide tooth brush) and detangle out my curls. I must say that my hair is very thin, so it's a lot easier to run the brush through my hair a lot faster. If you have thick hair, be patient to take time brush your hair gently. Then, I watch the conditioner out of my hair and make sure it's rinsed out fully and properly throughout my hair. If you guys are wondering why I didn't mention shampoo right here, it's because I do not wash my hair with shampoo every time I wash my hair since shampoo can actually make your damaged hair even more brittle. After that, I put leave-in conditioner onto my hair, and I always pick each strand of my hair out and do a little twist around it which is an important step for locking those curls in. Then I repeat all my steps to curl each of my hair strands and wash the leave-in conditioner all throughout my hair.

The last step is blow-drying. I set my blow-dryer on cool setting to dry and style my hair because high temperature heat makes your hair really frizzy and dry. Then I never forget to take the most important step: swirl each of my hair strands when I blow dry it to keep my curls in.

Try not use any curling iron or straighter if you have damaged hair, you could use hair rollers or other non-heat products to style your hair instead. Again, that’s because the heat will cause more damage to your hair.

That’s for today! Please comment below to leave your advice and suggestion and share your hacks and tricks of wash & style damaged curly hair J